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Our goal: to execute fast and efficient management of goods movement operations.

The future of the logistics sector depends on a transformation that optimizes available resources to the maximum.

The search for multimodal transport combinations is our commitment to offer our customers a service that meets their production, sales and distribution needs, and also reduces the environmental impact of our activity on the planet.

Our commitment is to find sustainable alternatives to conventional road transport, contributing to improve efficiency by reducing our carbon footprint.

Land Transport

Rail Transport

Maritime Transport

Air Transport


Our actions today will be reflected in tomorrow’s world. We have greener solutions.

The transition to sustainable logistics is a process in which we want to play an active part. Constantly and progressively reducing the impact of our operations on the planet adds value to our customers’ final product.

The journey begins with actions such as the constant renewal and maintenance of our fleet, the use of more environmentally friendly fuels, the optimization of our movements, the use of renewable energies in our facilities and the monitoring of our carbon footprint. But there is still a long way to go. Sustainability has great allies such as digitalization, technological innovations and the search for alternatives to road transport, such as rail. Our roadmap envisages the implementation of these indispensable changes to become increasingly sustainable.

Sustainability from factory to end customer


We provide our customers with the most innovative logistics centers throughout Europe (France, Belgium and Italy).

We offer warehousing, reception and dispatch of goods. Our logistics centers are strategically located (Madrid and Valencia) for greater efficiency in distribution.

Warehousing is totally linked to our transport services, providing the Gagotrans team in order to comprehensively cover the needs of all customers.

Integral merchandise custody service



Sensitive transport

  • Zero Incident Guarantee
  • Specialization
  • High volume capacity
  • Mega-platforms


  • E-commerce and packaging
  • Network of logistics centers
  • Bonded warehouse


  • Network of logistics centers
  • Palletizing and non-palletizing
  • National and international
  • Digital tools

Supply Chain

  • Order preparation
    (picking and packing)
  • Inventory management
  • Cross-docking
  • Milk-run