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every journey makes the world breathe

The logistics work that we carriers do is so necessary that our work is taken for granted. We want to make our role visible for the economy and society, and obtain the deserved recognition that we professionals who are dedicated to the transport of goods need both within the sector and to society as a whole.

Logistics is a silent component linked to business activity, an extremely necessary activity, which adds significant value to the product. Our transport activity supplies all sectors in all areas of society and at all levels.

Our work is indispensable but our absence is more visible than our presence. This is where the analogy with the function performed by theRED BLOOD CELLS arises. They fulfill the important function of transporting oxygen, they begin their journey in the lungs, where they collect oxygen from the air you breathe, and go to the heart, which pumps the blood, and delivers oxygen to all parts of the body. Its shortage could cause a general state of weakness affecting the body as a whole, even causing asphyxia.

The logistics work we do at GAGOTRANS is as necessary as the work done by the RED BLOOD CELLS. Our function is also to transport the oxygen that business activity requires, direct it to its destination and deliver it on time. Our role in the economy and within society is vital for everyone.